Mission Trip Highlight Video


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A Team Effort

Clare DanielleFrom the very beginning, we have always called us group of people going to the Philippines a “mission team.”  But the word “team” became especially significant as we put together our children’s program that we would share at all of the towns.  Every member of the team had an absolutely vital role.

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Hey, Joe! Money!

Hey Joe MoneyAs we boarded the ferry in Allen, Samar, on our way back to Sorsogon and EBI, we heard the sound of children shouting.  I looked down from the deck  to see a bunch of boys, swimming in the water.  As I listened closely, I could hear them shouting the words, “Hey, Joe!” and “Money!”

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A Prayer for Water

Approaching Bankawan IslandThe small Bankawan island has about 20 families.  They had no supply of fresh water, and every day the women would walk long distances to fetch water to sustain their families.  That is, until a local pastor shared God’s word with them, and they started praying ….

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Visiting Bankawan Island

Bankawan Island with Ptr Randy
This morning we took two tricycles (a motorcycle with a sidecar) to the town of Lavezares (about 6 miles northeast of Allen).  Pastor Randy’s radio programs have opened up several Bible studies in Lavezares, including in the mayor’s office.  In fact, because of the good response there, PAMI is considering assigning an EBI graduate to this town to start a church. Continue reading

Healing in a Cold Arm

Bro BoyAfter the weekly prayer meeting at Bulusan Christian church had just concluded, Ptr Virgil Gacis was ushering the church members out the door.  Some of them looked down the road, to see a man, barely able to walk, and supported by a lady.  Filled with compassion, the church members invited the couple in for a rest, and for a drink of water …

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Lost a Leg, but Still Singing Praise

God is so Good

Brother Ben Lupera lost his right leg due to infection and gangrene.  But he looks forward to his new body in heaven.  Despite physical adversity, Bro Ben uses his guitar and his gift of music to praise and worship his God and Savior.

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